Personal projects


Minimalist web framework for Racket.

This comes batteries included with all you need to create web content and serve it.


Minimalist free and open source operating system for cheap feature-phones, written in Forth.

It aims to empower users with an extremely simple and performant mobile OS with the minimal required features (calls, messages, contact list and alarm clock).


Decentralized game universe in which players can explore worlds made by others.

I want to use ActivityPub as a mean to exchange small games in the fediverse.


Website native container management in Racket.

Serves as a load balancer, reverse proxy, and metrics platform.

Final Experience Quest

XML quest engine for Final Experience, written in Python.

It was supposed to be an editor for the game assets, using Tcl/tk for the GUI. But then I discovered Racket, s-expressions, and left XML behind.

Final Experience II

Multiplayer platforming RPG written in Python using pygame.

It was a bit too ambitious. The Sourceforge link is for the old C version.

Final Experience I

Top-down 2D RPG made with RPGMaker when I was in secondary school.

I distributed copies through USB keys. It had quite a success. I can't seem to find it again. I guess it's lost.